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Welcome to Pilton State School

​Pilton State School, with its warm and caring atmosphere, is welcoming to all. A family-friendly school, it has catered to at least four generations of Pilton Valley residents and celebrated its Centenary in 2013.

Pilton State School is a small rural school that strives to provide a full academic and extra-curricular program for all students. The aim of the school is to produce young citizens who are able to contribute to all aspects of a changing world. Being a small school with multi-age classes allows the focus to be on the individual child.

The school provides a modern curriculum highlighted by classroom resources that are particularly suited to modern, multi-aged classes. The P&C provides excellent support and as a result the school is able to provide all textbooks, exercise books and other student learning resources.

Our school has an extensive extra-curricular programme that emphasizes both sport and the Arts. As well, the school uses the Friends for Life programme to develop resilient students equipped to face the future.  




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